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Largest Quick Property Buying Network in the UK

Sell My House Quickly Middlesbrough is part of the largest quick property buying network in the UK. We are one of 100 local property experts all over the UK who specialise in local real estate markets. was formed to bring transparency to the Quick House Buying industry and help people in need of selling their property and land fast, in a matter of days with no extra fees.

Your enquiry goes to an individual who lives and/or works in the area your property is in. That’s one of the biggest advantage that makes us stand out from our competitors. Most of our competitors outsource their central calls centers, staffed by people who don’t understand property and your locality.  We don’t believe in doing things that way. We are experienced local investors who work directly with sellers to find the best possible solution to their property problems. We don’t mess people around and lower offers at the last minute.

We even have a strict Code of Ethics that all our network members need to adhere that means you can rest assured that you will receive excellent customer service.

We live and invest in Middlesbrough, and operate both SMHQ Middlesbrough and SMHQ Stockton.

Please have a look around our site and contact us if you are thinking about selling your house quickly.

We pay fair prices for any property FAST!

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