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Call us if you need to sell your house or flat quickly in Middlesbrough.
Free legals and a cash offer in hours.

Moving Abroad?
If you need to sell your house quickly in Middlesbrough in order to emigrate we can help complete quickly.

Relationship Breakdown
Going through a divorce or any kind of similar stressful breakdown and need to sell your property fast in Middlesbrough?

Stop House Repossession?
We can stop your house being repossessed by negotiating with your bank or building society.

Inherited a Property?
If you have inherited a house or flat that your are too busy to take care of you can sell it quickly in Middlesbrough here.

About Middlesbrough

A post-industrial town situated in the heart of North East England, Middlesbrough dominated by steelmaking, shipbuilding and chemical industries, has evolved during the last couple decades.

Teesside is now accredited for its innovative digital sector and its ever expanding advanced manufacturing industries. To help support this;

  • TeesAMP will be the location of the UK’s first Hydrogen Transport Centre; and
  • Middlesbrough’s Boho Zone centre has ambitious plans to become the Digital City of the UK and house a large portion of start-up digital businesses.



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We will give you a cash offer to buy your property within hours


Using an efficient solicitor is absolutely vital to selling your flat or house quickly.

Simon Zutshi is a legendary UK based property investor who runs the largest property investment training companies in the country. 

He is involved with Sell My House Quickly and was instrumental in setting up the Code of Ethics that each network member adheres to. 

Our aim is to bring transparency to the Quick House Buying industry. We are proud to say that we are the largest single network in the UK with almost 100 local experts in every corner of Britain.

Please have a look around the site and contact us if you are thinking about selling your house quickly. 

We pay fair prices for any property FAST!


Thinking I need to sell my house quickly in Middlesbrough? If so, we can definitely help. 

Many people need to sell a property quickly for a variety of different reasons.

Whether you’re thinking “I need to sell my flat quickly in Middlesbrough” in order to buy another property fast or “I need to sell my land quickly in Middlesbrough” because of a relationship break up. We will help.

We are part of the largest Quick Property Buying Network in the United Kingdom. We are one of over 100 local property experts who specialise in local real estate markets. Each local experts lives and invests in the area your property is in. That’s just one thing that makes us stand out from our competitors.

Coronavirus Fallout

Unfortunately the fallout from Coronavirus is starting to bite. Many experts feel that the economy is going to take a massive hit, Fortunately Rishi Sunak has extended the furlough system, but for some this was too late. Some people have lost jobs. Most people in the UK don’t have thousands of pounds in the bank. People are starting to worry about paying their mortgages. If you are going through a stressful time at the moment and debt is wracking up. Please fill out the form to see if we can help.

What Kind of People Do We Help?

Professional Property Investors

We often help landlords and investors turn bricks and mortar into cash in a matters of days. Around 80% of the people we help fall into this category. They usually have a property portfolio and they are raising funds for their next purchase. They need to certainty that we can offer.

Inherited a Property

Some of our clients have inherited a property and don’t quite know what to do with it. Being a landlord in this day and age is tough. People are busy and just don’t have the time to manage a property or tenants and keeping  up with all the legislation. Then on top of that there is the everchanging tax laws and Section 24 which means many landlords cannot claim back their interest payments which will leave lots of landlords severely out of pocket.

Relationship Break Ups

Some of our clients are people who are going through a break up or divorce. They quickly need a resolution to the situation and we are in a position to help people move on. 

Moving Abroad

Some of the enquiries we receive are from those who are about to emigrate to another country. Sometimes they need the money from a quick house sale to help them start their new life. Other times its because they do not want a manage a property from another country.

Properties we bought quickly in Middlesbrough


How long have you been buying houses quickly in Middlesbrough?

We've been buying houses quickly in Middlesbrough for many years.

Sell your house quickly in Middlesbrough

How much will I get if I sell my house quickly with you?

Everyone's situation is different. We assess each property and can pay upto 100% of full market value

Sell your house quickly in Middlesbrough

Ready to Sell?

Sell My House Quickly Middlesbrough offers complete peace of mind knowing that your money will be deposited to your designated bank account at the agreed timeframe that suits you. Our business is governed by strict Code of Ethics that means you can rest assured that you will receive excellent customer service at every stage of the sales process.

Get free access to our accredited legal partners at no cost to you. We have a panel of fast, effective and highly efficient solicitors who we work with frequently on any property transaction. If you choose to use them, we will cover your legal fees so you will pay nothing to sell your property quickly.

Get a fast cash advancement so that you can move forward with certainty knowing that your financial security is sorted in days rather than months. Transactions are quick and easy.

No dealing with Estate Agents. You work with us directly. Sales should be straightforward and guaranteed with no last minute sale fallen through. Without a doubt, the biggest advantage to a fast sale is the choice of sales method. Sell My House Quickly Middlesbrough can buy your property in any condition, fast.

Please complete our online form, call directly on 07495 367039 0r use the WhatsApp facility at the bottom right of this website page.

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